Who could possibly be bothered to peel and segment grapefruit??

Until recently, I’d always thought of citrus as juicy, summery happiness.

I’m a clueless city person, so it was a surprise to learn that citrus fruits are winter goodies (whaaat? Winter’s dreary overcast days and sun-ripened juicy citrus? They couldn’t possibly go together…)

winter citrus salad grapefruit strawberries oranges tangelos fruit salad
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Happily, I made this discovery right at the start of the current almost-finished southern US citrus season. Given fruit and vege usually taste better and cost less when in season, we’ve been enjoying heaps of super-sweet oranges, tangelos, red grapefruits of different sizes, and little baby-sized mandarins that people here call Cuties (clever marketing much).

We’ve had a couple of pomelos too. Here, they’re “pomelo grapefruits”; they have pale yellow skin, light pink insides and a flavour profile described by a mate who had it for the first time at our place as being similar to grapefruit. I love pomelos because their bitter membranes are super easy to peel off, the segments and their juicy beads are sturdy and can be handled without breaking, and they have a mild yet interesting taste.

winter citrus salad grapefruit strawberry oranges tangelos fruit salad
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As I understand it, strawberries also come into season in winter (through early spring).

Citrus salad

This citrus salad is a super simple combo of:

  • Ruby-red grapefruits
  • Strawberries
  • Tangelos
  • Oranges
  • Some spearmint from our little balcony “garden”.

The salad was juicy and refreshing. My plan was to make enough to keep in the fridge for a couple of days as a snack, but I may or may not have gotten a little greedy…

I sliced off the orange peels with a knife and separated the segments using my hands, leaving the membranes intact.

The finicky bit was prepping the grapefruit – their pithy membranes aren’t exactly delicious, and removing them was initially a bit of a pain. However, once I worked out how to segment grapefruit, it became super easy; I’ve eaten heaps of grapefruits since.

How to peel and segment grapefruit – and keep most of the fruit

First, I sliced off the peel on the top and bottom:

how to segment grapefruit

Second, I sliced off the peel on the sides, going top to bottom:

how to peel and segment grapefruit

I ate the bits of fruit remaining on the peels 😋.

Which gave me this – a nekkid grapefruit:

how to peel and segment grapefruit

Third, I separated the segments by flipping the grapefruit upside down and pushing my thumbs down through the hole in the middle where the segments meet.

Last, I teased away the membranes and removed the pips (pips = Aussie for seeds).

As an aside, I’ve tried using a knife to slice off the membranes but found that that meant losing too much of the yummy juicy beads.

All up, I’d say it took maybe half an hour to come up with two bowls of this salad. It was a lot quicker the next couple times, after I got the hang of it.

winter citrus salad grapefruit strawberry oranges tangelos fruit salad

Are there quicker ways to do this?

Anyone else love citrus/grapefruit enough to go through this rigmarole? … Anyone?

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